The Rose of the World Sanctuary


This sanctuary is based on a simple structure that can unite all people of the earth into one religion, with local traditions that are honored and observed in each gathering. Our church is based on very basic truths that we believe underlie all spiritual traditions.




We believe that God and Goddess are in a forever sacred marriage and are the Source of Love, which flows into all other forms of life, and that humanity is created in Their image, women and men, girls and boys.


We believe that every life form is fused into God/Goddess, all part of God/Goddess’s cosmic Body, that each individual form was created by Them for a sacred purpose, and each is valuable and worthy of love and care. We do not believe in ranking any form above another, with the exception of honoring God/Goddess as our Source and Creators. Since each person is a vessel of Love from the Source, all are equal, and each is a minister to others.


We believe that every human has a spark of Creator fire within, the diamond flame in the deep heart, which creates each individual’s love and fear beliefs into their own little world, but also affects the whole earth and cosmos to a small degree. We believe that every individual human is responsible for healing her or his own inner fears in order to release all other life forms that are caught in humanity’s fears on earth and across the cosmos. These fears clearly arise in each person’s lifelong path of experience.


We believe that there is only Love. All suffering and fear are in service to Love alone and are allowed only for the purpose of growth in Love. Only Love heals and only Love endures.


We are in service to Love. We do not serve the false gods of power, domination, or money.


We believe that creating in Love is the highest goal of life and that it is right to harm none, including oneself. We believe that violence in any form is fear based and causes great harm. We are pacifists and believe war should be abolished.


We believe that every individual has the right to live in freedom, with full sovereignty over their own choices and self-expression in Love, and that independence is necessary for happiness. We believe that control of another, through pushing or withholding Love is fear based and creates serious harm.


We believe that intimacy is necessary to happiness and that the sacred heart and physical union of lifelong partners are the holiest expressions of God and Goddess on earth. We believe in true love partnerships that are lifelong, continuously faithful, with shared high service to the One God/Goddess.


We believe that sexual/sensual connections are holy and that permission of both partners is necessary before any action is taken.


We believe that individual personal will of all humans needs to be subdued to the Will of God/Goddess and the greater good in the timing and form of manifestation of personal desires.


We believe in expressing our thoughts, speech, emotions, and actions in ways that promote the growth of Love into the future, and we weigh our responses to others in this regard before reacting. We also consider the next seven generations of children in our personal choices for good.


We believe that loving kindness is a full expression of Love, and we strive for this in all relationships and interactions. Peace of thought, speech, emotion, and action are also highly valued.


We believe truth and honesty are based in Love, and that falsehood of omission or comission is not. We believe it is important to speak one’s truth honestly, even truths another may not wish to hear.


We believe that taking or desiring what belongs to another is not aligned with Love, including personal possessions and/or sexual union with another’s partner.


We believe that all actions are voluntary, and that obligation is not based in Love.


We believe that cooperation with all life is based in Love and that competition creates harm.


We believe that rest, work or service, and play are needed in equal measure to create inner and outer balance, and that service to the One Beloveds is necessary for personal happiness.


We believe that rushing is not based in love and that time is an illusion, but useful in agreeing to act together in a specific moment.


We believe in meeting all conflicts and mistakes with gentle concern and honest sharing until consensus is reached. But purposeful and continued mistakes will cause separation from the one causing harm until that one learns wisdom. We believe that punishment is not based in Love and that it is good to heal one’s anger before setting boundaries with another whenever possible.


We believe that mind, action, and spirit are equal, none above the other, with the heart a bit more important as the vessel of Love.


We value simplicity greatly, along with conservation of materials and life. We believe in weighing our use of earth resources by the number of people worldwide who need the same materials, as well as the needs of all life forms that produce or are affected by the harvesting of such materials. We believe that destruction of earth’s resources for personal gain is not based in Love. We believe the earth is a sentient being, filled with intelligence and love, the Body of God/Goddess, and needs to be carefully cared for and nourished.


We believe that diversity of forms and expression is necessary for growth and the continuation of life and that supporting one form of life above another creates great harm.


We believe that death as an end of a life form is an illusion, and that there is simply change into new forms of life and continued growth in Love, with no beginning and no end.


We believe that what a person does to another will be done to the giver in time, and that all others are truly one’s self, all part of the Body of God/Goddess.


We believe the pagan traditions hold more Goddess flow and the formal hold more God flow, and that a balance of both is important for growth.




 Our services are simple: opened with a song or chant, followed by a short time of prayer for troubled areas across the earth and friends/family in personal need; a very short reading (two sentences or less), read slowly three times to reach the mind, emotion, and action centers within (Lectio Divina); a time of silence to listen to God/Goddess within (during which time participants can speak very briefly if they feel moved to do so by God/Goddess and when the speaker feels the message is important enough to interfere with others who are listening to God/Goddess within); a brief time of silent healing of those present who are in need; each service completed with a song or chant. These are held on Sunday morning, 9-10 am. In order to honor all global traditions, our services cycle through songs and readings from all the major religions, both pagan and formal, over a six or seven week period. But because this is a Celtic center, there is an emphasis on celebrating the Celtic/Christian holy days. Each service is followed by a short social time. We rotate those who choose the reading and chants each week. A healing service is also held once a month. Healers need to have graduated from a 3-6 month long established course and have 5 years expereince. We do not practice Reiki here.


Our sanctuary structure is very, very simple, a single hour-long meeting once a month to choose who will lead each service over the following month, to discuss socially responsible local projects we may want to participate in or donate to, to resolve any issues about our members or chapel that may have come up, including hospital visits/life assistance/driving or visiting the homebound, etc. that may be needed and can comfortably be given by the group.





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