All my workshops include the basic anatomy of the human energy field, how to read fear energies and transmute them through guided imagery in the light of the Creator flame in the deep heart. This flame holds the highest vibration in the body and can restructure all fear into love. I specialize in accessing and healing fear beliefs from past lives and humanity’s descent into matter, and in connecting each individual with the twelve regents of the Creator Sun (the highest light structure in the seventh heaven, as understood and worked with on my path for twenty-two years) to bring through the most powerful forces of Love into each individual’s life and work in the world. When made a daily practice, this method of energy healing leads the individual through a gradual transformation process during which the seven basic sheaths of the human energy field dissolve into union with the One, the mystical Heart of God/Goddess. All individuals gradually and steadily move through obstacles into their highest personal destinies and true love partnerships. My workshops are simple enough for the inner child to understand, and anyone can learn and integrate the concepts and practices into their lives.

Please note: All full day adult workshops begin promptly at 9:30 am, with 15 minutes beforehand for registration, and end at 4:30 pm. Vegetarian lunch is included. Courtesy and respect for all participants is required, along with full confidentiality of all that may arise during any of the following workshops. Reiki practitioners will need a simple initial cleansing. We do not practice the old pagan distortions of black magic and sacrifice, but will do our best to heal them. This is a place of light and love for all beings. Remaining at the workshop for the full day will bring the most benefit, so if you need to make special arrangements, please contact me first. Fifteen participants per adult workshops.

 Full and Two-Day Workshops

Light Healing for Children, One Day: Includes: simple energy anatomy, simplified spiritual stages of growth throughout life, light healing with group and partnered practice, and meditations to connect with: each child’s family star village and one relative there, each child’s guardian angel/s, each child’s family of light in the Creator Sun, and the Creators and Child Heart of the Creator Sun. Ends with Star Child Ceremony. Ages 7 to 14, 9:30 am to 4 pm, eight to ten participants. Comfy clothes and glittery star wear for the ceremony (capes provided). Cost is $70, half due with registration form four weeks in advance and half a week before the workshop. One half scholarship available.

Basic Light Healing, Two Days: Day One; healing with the Creator flame in the deep heart, basic energy anatomy, healing personal issues, body scans, and partnered healing. Day Two; sacred laws of healing, healing deep fear quickly, class will choose one location or issue on earth to heal, four on one healing, group healing, healing play. Ends with Star Child Ceremony. Comfy clothes during the day and starry/glittery wear for evening (capes provided). Cost is $200, due four weeks before the class. One half scholarship available.

 The Druid Path and the Arthurian Fulfillment; Two Days : Day One; the moons, trees, and high holy days of the druid year; the faery and dragon kingdoms (these are good dragons!); the Celtic pantheon of the light structures of the seventh heaven and their directives; stages on the druid path of enlightenment; the earth, water, air, fire, cherub, centerpoint, and diamond initiations; and healing in the diamond core of the heart with partnered practice. Day Two; the Arthurian fulfillment, the Chivalric Code of the Celtic realms of Heaven, the Ogham alphabet and the sacred letters of each individual’s name, meditation to connect with ancestral family of light in the Creator Sun, and more healing. Ends with Knighting Ceremony. Please wear white tops/dresses and/or skirts/pants for the ceremony, sashes provided. This ceremony is a bit formal, so dress up if you like. Dresses preferred for the ladies but do what you truly wish. Colored Jackets/Kilts are also fine! Cost is $200, due four weeks before the class. One half scholarship available.

The One Beloveds, Bride and Groom of the Cosmos, Two Days: Day One; healing with the diamond light; basic energy anatomy, connecting with the Goddess, partnership as a path of transformation, stages on the path, true love and sacred sexuality. Healing fears preventing the flow of the Goddess into earth and through individual participants, fears of intimacy and sexual abuse especially . Day Two; connecting with God, spiritual laws of relationship, courtly love, co-creating with the One Beloveds, the highest destiny, healing fears preventing the union of earth and each individual with God. Ends with Ceremony of Roses, Beloved to beloved. Bring red or ivory colored clothing for the ceremony, dresses preferred for the ladies, but again, do as you wish (clothing not skimpy or overly tight, please-it is a courtly love ceremony).


The Divine Child Within, Two Days: Day One; the 7-7-7stages of child development; stages in the transformation of the inner divine child through adulthood, the divine child within, healing the deep heart wounds of the child and the core wound. Day Two; The Happily-Ever-After; the magical child within, connecting with the Child Heart and each individual’s family of light in the Creator Sun. Ends with Star Child Ceremony. Bring starry/glittery clothes for the ceremony (capes provided). Cost is $200, due four weeks before the class. One half scholarship available.

Colors of the Great Heart, Two Week-ends. This is an advanced class, prior attendance at Basic Light Healing Workshop or Celtic Heaven School is required.: Light healing with the ray colors and crystals of the 12 regents of the Creator Sun, information on the 363 ray colors of the cosmos and the quality of love each plane holds,  the twelve chakras of the earth, and sacred cultures of the Creator Sun. Day, reading the ray colors in foods, flowers, and/or dogs, blending qualities of love, reading the rays of painted interiors and the natural landscape. Meditations on: the rays of each individual’s family tartan and their meaning, connection with each individual’s family of light in the Creator Sun, and the basic rays of each participant’s inner star child. Ends with Rainbow Ceremony. Comfy clothes during the day and rainbow/glittery wear for evening (capes provided). Cost is $400, due four weeks before the class. One half scholarship available.

Short Workshops, one to three hours, also available

1)Basic Light Healing and Anatomy of the Human Energy Field; 2) Building a Nemeton, 3) Walking and/or Building Chartres Labyrinths; 4) Creating Consensus; 5) Creating Community; 6) Druidry; 7) The Druid Year; 8) Edible Forest Gardening; 9) Facing Fear, the Major Cosmic Fear Archetypes; 10) Dealing with Conflict; 11) the Energies of Sexual Union, Pedophilia,  and Rape; 12) The Energies of Food;  13) the False Beloveds of the World, Money, Power, Sex without Love, Addictions; 14) The Father’s Kingdom, Template of the Future; 15) Goddess and God as Beloveds; 16) Healing with Crystals; 17) Healing with Rays; 18) Journeying into Spirit Realms; 19) The Laws of Love; 20) The Ogham Alphabet; 21) Regents of the Creator Sun, Twelve Aspects of the Spirit; 22) Regents of the Zodiac, Elders of the Universe; 23) Relationship as a Path of Enlightenment; 24) Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality; 25) The Spirit Structure of Earth and the USA; 26) The Structure of the Inner Planes of the Cosmos, the Seven Heavens and Sixteen Light Structures of the Diamond Core; 27) Spirit Impulses of Child Development; 28) Stages on the Path; 29) Tree Lore; 30) Working/Connecting with the Fae