Fellowship of the White Rose


The millennium shift of 2000 brought us out of the great outbreath (which began with the big bang) and into the great inbreath. The outbreath was of God, developing independence, expansion into many forms, and growth. But the inbreath is of the Goddess, bringing the whole cosmos back into Union, intimacy, and reconnection, the consciousness that we are all One. And so, we choose to honor Her by naming our order with the flower that is Her symbol.


This group is made up of individuals who believe that God/Goddess are in an eternal mystical marriage and that humanity was created in Their image, women and men equal. This means that all humanity is on a mystical marriage path, walking toward full Union with God/Goddess and immersion into the very Core of Their Heart. This Beloved/beloved Union marks the happily-ever-after portal, after which each human’s challenging embodiment-of-wisdom lessons are greatly eased. And because the inner spirit of every individual creates her/his outer ‘reality’, this Union with God/dess brings forth an outer true love partnership and shared world service, some task in service to the One Beloveds of the cosmos that will, in time, shift the entire earth into a higher level of Love. And because the One Beloveds, God/Goddess, are our Source and Creators of Love, each individual is in a co-creator partnership with Them first and foremost, and all human partnerships are in service and surrender to the One. We believe such human beloved partnerships are the template of the future on earth and that communities of such beloveds will be forming across the planet, in the exact image of heaven, heaven on earth.


During the marriage ceremony of trues loves, each individual will become a priest/tess in our Fellowship of the White Rose. It is meant to be a small order of beloved partners, married and faithful for life, who have been on a sustained spiritual path for many years, and who have embodied inner teachings sent by God/Goddess in preparation for their world service task. True loves who are already married are also most welcome. The group will meet once a week (or as often as members choose) to share personal needs, the progress of or events related to their own work, and to give support to one other. Our fellowship efforts will center around facilitating peace in the world and especially bringing all religions into a simple united format, melting the dark divisions that still separate many into a simple global sacred path and form of worship where all people are welcome and can take part. Our structure and work will remain non-burdensome to the group, with a consensus governance structure, in which no action will be taken until all members are in support. We will hold a weekly service of worship in our sanctuary, which is open to all. See the World Rose Sanctuary page. Because this fellowship is Goddess based and on earth She anchors most strongly into Scotland/Alba, this fellowship will celebrate the sacred holy days of the spiritual traditions of the Scottish people, Celtic paganism and Christianity. But all other religions and spiritual traditions based in love will also be honored and accepted here.


White Eden Rose