God and Goddess live in sacred partnership, a forever mystical marriage that is holy beyond telling. Human marriage, also, is a sacred contract between two partners entering into lifelong partnership, each person in the image of God/Goddess. During each wedding, each partner becomes a vessel or priest/ess of this most intimate and sacred stream of Love from the One Beloveds for his or her partner. Couples need to provide two shawls, which will be placed on their shoulders as they enter their new life. Every individual is also in a cocreator partnership with God/Goddess, Who are the Source of Love and the True inner forever Beloveds of everyone on earth, each individual in service to this One above all else.


Our weddings are intended for true love partners, who are completely faithful, in lifelong partnerships in which they share their personal highest destinies, both in service to the One. All marriages take place in the nemeton, weather permitting. LBGT couples are welcome. Our services are brief, with a song or two, the taking of vows and sharing of rings or a personal gift, a silent meditation during which visitors can stand and give blessings to the couple, the planting of a tree or plant in our wedding garden, the sanctifying of a plant or tree to be planted at home by the wedding couple or other service to the earth. Ceremonies are followed by high tea. And Scottish Country dancing, if desired.


No smoking, alcoholic beverages, or mind-altering substances are allowed on the property.


Sample Vows


Because of the love in my heart, I freely choose to unite in lifelong marriage with____________.


I understand that this marriage brings me into the sanctity of the diamond Heart of the One true God/Goddess, and that in so doing, I become a vessel of the One Beloved flow into our marriage. In recognition of the holiness of this sacred Love, I will keep Love’s standard as my guide through all my days: honoring the life and spirit of my partner and myself, striving for gentleness, courtesy, and understanding in daily interactions, remaining faithful throughout life, equally sharing responsibilities of household care and earning a livelihood, honestly sharing both joys and difficulties, taking responsibility for my own growth and healing, not pushing or dominating, but listening and discussing until agreement between us can be reached, helping my partner in infirmity or distress, not seeking unnecessary wealth or ownership, but living in simplicity and comfort, and blending play, fun, and rest with work.*


*Couples are free to make additions or changes to these, if they like.