Flower Essences


Flower essences are made by placing a blossom in water in the sun for 4-6 hours. This process infuses the water with the spirit of the flower, and this is stabilized with 1/3rd volume of brandy and stored in sterilized jars in a dark quiet space. I do not sell them after eight months have passed because the essence fades over time. (In two years, it will be too faint to use.) So, during each summer season, they will only become available after blooming time. If the essence you want has an asterisk beside it, it is in stock and ready for shipping. I don’t make all of them every summer. The names of Diamond Core regents from my books that each essence resonates with is given following the blossom’s name.

 Essences can be dropped under the tongue or put in a small amount of water to drink. Best used with inner guidance, 1-4 drops on the tongue every day for a few days to a week, or whenever you feel drawn. A one ounce jar of essence is $4 with $4 additional for shipping.

 Please note: Both women and men have all the following inner aspects of the spirit. They can be used by anyone. Excellent and safe for children.


The Diamond Essences

Flowers of the Regents of the Creator Sun

(the highest light structure in the seventh heaven)

*White Eden Rose-flower of the White Tara/Magdalene, the Goddess-this essence will open your inner goddess, help prepare you for true love, emotional and sexual intimacy, manifestation through sacred sexual union, lifelong commitment, and assist in releasing old blockages or fears related to the emergence of your own goddess. It is very calming in emotional confusion or intensity, but full of Her strength, too. It holds a lot of tenderness for the inner child and a commitment to never give in or give up.

 *Gardenia-another Goddess flower, but this one connects to the Goddess’s sacred sexual core. The essence will help heal any and all sexual distortions, prepare you for true love and lifelong fidelity, and help melt fears related to emotional and sexual intimacy. It can also open inner portals into intense closeness to the Goddess in the heart. This is a powerful essence. Best used with inner guidance.

 *Red Eden Rose-flower of Oghama/Christ, God-this essence will open your inner god, help prepare you for your highest destiny, speak truth before groups, romance, commitment with your true love to your shared highest destiny, assist in the embodiment of truth, understanding the laws of love, writing poetry, and in releasing fears related to this part of yourself emerging into the world. Brings a lot of clarity to mental confusion or intensity and carries an unwavering commitment to Love and service in the world.

*Love-in-a-Mist-flower of the Divine Infant Girl, Abaid -this essence helps awaken this inner aspect, opens her core of loving kindness toward all beings, magnetism within each family, deep gentleness of the spirit, bubbly joy and independence in personal choices and purpose. It especially promotes closeness with one’s human father, simple understandings of daily home life and flow, and it assists in releasing the core fear of the infant girl within and all fears related to the closing down of this aspect of the self.

 Forget-Me-Not-flower of the Divine Infant Boy, Uan/Jesus-this essence helps awaken this aspect of the spirit, brings in surrender of personal will to divine will, aligns personal impulses with the greater good, opens seeds of one’s highest destiny, and brings in simple understandings of daily life outside the home. It promotes closeness with one’s mother and assists in releasing core fears to divine infant boy or the closing down of this aspect of the self.

*White Lilac-flower of the God/Goddess/Divine Infant Girl and Boy in union. This essence helps melt inner barriers between these four aspects of the self, as well as calming family conflict. White lilac promotes wholeness and integrity, heals inner fragmentation, and brings forth an inner fusion of the core self into a single purpose and direction in life. This essence carries a deep reverence for and devotion to all life. It is a powerful essence.

 Purple Lilac-flower of the union of Divine Girl and Boy hearts-this essence helps melt barriers between inner divine girl and boy and promotes a balance of home and outside life. It heals conflicts between friends and brings forth simple, homey, and deeply joyful activities between friends and siblings.

 Double Delight Rose-flower of the union of God/Goddess-this essence promotes union of one’s inner goddess and god into simplicity of home life, gentle service to the world, and intense personal intimacy of the heart and emotions, and romance. It also assists with sexual difficulties and can bring forth moments of orgasmic joy in relationship, another powerful essence.

 Casa Blanca Lily-flower of Divine Mother, Màiri/Mary-this essence will help open your inner divine mother, assist with all feminine choices and organization of feminine tasks in your family and tribe, especially feminine leadership. It will help align you with your best circadian timing for wakefulness and sleep, help you rest and find comfort when needed, and assist you in embracing all that comes into your life in acceptance, surrender, and endurance. It will assist in releasing old fears related to the closing down of your inner mother, particularly overwork tendencies and fatigue. It is also very helpful in bringing balance among family members in emotional issues. Carries a very strong holding quality, especially toward the inner feminine and child.

 Sunflower, yellow center, tall-flower of Divine Father, the Dagda-this essence will help open your own inner divine father, prepare you for your highest destiny, especially intellectual lessons, and lead you toward appropriate vocational goals and decisions about your work in the world. It assists in understanding reasons for whatever difficulty you may be undergoing, help lifts mood and persevere in challenges, and in releasing old fears related to the closing down of this father aspect within. This essence helps you feel you are being carried on strong shoulders through life.

 Lotus or Water Lily-flower of the Virgin Girl, Maighdean/Virgin Mary-this essence will help open this inner virgin girl aspect, assists in moving through birth pangs (intense monthly spirit passages) before the final birth of your inner divine child or highest destiny, in nurturing and caring for this inner divine child and yourself. It promotes sensuality toward the physical world, staying in the present moment, resisting any and all violence distortions, and can draw the first sexual union with your true love into your life. This essence carries an intense tenderness toward every living thing, especially the plant kingdom, and will assist in releasing fears related to the closing down of the virgin girl aspect of the self.

 Maltese Cross or Lychnis-flower of the Virgin Boy/Rìdire/Jesus-this essence will help awaken the inner world server or knight-in-shining-armor part of your spirit, help you move into global service and become a crusader for truth in your own field of endeavor. It assists everyone to stand tall in truth, face violence in love, and prepare for lifelong commitment with your own true love in a specific destiny. It promotes the union of hearts of beloveds in friendship and restraining sexual impulses until the best time for expression of these. It is very useful in calming intense sexual urges into courtly love, releasing sexual performance anxieties into a natural flow, and assists in releasing fears related to the closing down of this aspect of the self.

 Pearly Everlasting-opens inner mother of the household or divine mother in action/Màithriel-this essence assists in organizing and taking care of home and children in a peaceful manner, promotes emotional peace and security of love within the home. This essence is great for letting go of unneeded possessions, organizing personal spaces, finding physical comfort and rest, healing nutritional or dietary issues, in personal care, and it helps release fears related to the closing down of this aspect of the self

 *Teddy Bear Sunflower-opens inner father of the household or divine father in action/Daiden/Joseph-this essence helps organize and put into action work in home building or repair, the home landscape, and work outside the home. It brings forth understandable ideas for improvements that are doable and affordable. This is the recycling essence! It promotes the careful use of resources, innovative ideas for specific physical projects, and a healthy balance of work and play. It can greatly lift the spirit in home or difficulties.

 Wild Beach Rose, flower of the little girl in action/Eriu-this essence promotes inner confidence and understanding of one’s eventual purpose in life-it brings forth bubbly joy and the inclination to sing and dance to balance the work of home, as well as tea parties. It promotes a commitment to helping out at home, simple action impulses that especially support one’s father. This essence helps with ways to keep personal spaces clear or clutter. It opens inner connections to the fae world and magic, and assists in finding peaceful spaces in nature, power spots that are supportive and nourishing to the inner child. It helps ground the inner girl into earth life and family.

 Blue Eyed Grass, flower of the boy in action/Finn-This blossom brings in great trust in the universe, trust with a capital T. The essence promotes humor, play, and adventure to balance work, as well as the commitment to complete chores in the home, and helps bring closeness with and support of the family mother. This essence especially calms rushing tendencies and aligns the inner flow of time with divine mother’s slow flow of life  and brings forth ideas for FUN. It helps heal colon and nutritional absorption issues particularly.

 Other Essences of the Seventh Heaven

 *Pink Lily-of-the-Valley, inner little girl of Luckenbooth realms/Eilthireach-this essence carries very, very sweet love for ordinary things, promotes groundedness in the everyday, and brings forth the distillation of life into what is especially important to the deep girl heart. It releases quiet joy and peace in one’s ordinary life, closeness to the natural world near home, and opens the Goddess flow into feet through walking. It can bring an inner call to take pilgrimages to sacred sites, some close to home you may not have found yet. Can bring forth and assist with passages to new ways of living.

 *Blue Moon Wisteria-flower of the grandmother of the Four Directions/ Brìdget or the Dao. She is the soul friend of all on earth and wants all to proceed along their path, to keep walking steadily and face fears that come along in life. The essence can bring in a soul sister or brother, along with the impulse to face fears one may have been avoiding, especially the deepest ones from the core levels. Brìdget/Dao overlights the collective unconscious, so this essence can bring memories forward for healing, but in a gentle and supportive way. It has a strong holding quality in troubles especially, very, very mothery. It is particularly calming during the transition from earth life back to the Otherworld, what most people call dying (a big misnomer, we just take off our earth shadow selves and go back to light and Home and our families of heaven), good for endings and new beginnings.

*Paradise Rose, flower of the virgin goddess, Ur, of the Stillpoint center light structure. She is the mother of humanity and overlit the culture of Ur when we entered the final phase of earth life after the flood. Ur’s concern is the birth of our inner divine children or highest destiny and true love partnerships, and this essence will help prepare for both, though the feminine is far more interested in relationships. The essence has a tender mother quality that holds the inner child, especially in fear. It also strengthens one’s inner backbone and resolve to face what one must to move forward in life. It can bring forth a deep commitment to create heaven on earth and to work for this in one’s life.

 *Damascena Rose-flower of the father and major regent of the Old Father Heart light structure, `Or. This essence brings connections to global trade and the flow of wealth and abundance for all families on earth. It promotes fair dealings, honesty, success in work, and teaching the financial laws of love. It will help remove over attachment to possessions and wealth, wanting to be richer than others, and align the heart with real service in love, instead. It always assists with any financial constrictions in life and is chock full of a father energy that wants to nourish and support everyone in abundant love. It can bring forth am impulse to grow food to feed those in need or other ways to give to those who are impoverished.

 *Allium Shubertii-a HUGE fantastical blossom that looks like a giant magic wand-it resonates with the astrologer wizard of the Old Father Heart light structure, Speuradair, the wizard who orchestrates what happens on our world stage by beaming stars onto specific places. So, this essence will open inner connections to global events (solar eclipses particularly) and especially prepare the heart for work that will have global effects in the future (can be a future lifetime). It can create very magical shifts out of particular circumstances to new and higher levels, shifts that are sometimes sudden and a bit unsettling, but always better in the long run. This essence brings forth intuitions about the future, closeness to the stars, and always has far-reaching effects, a powerful wee plant!