Celtic Heaven Calendar


*Celtic Heaven School sessions are open only to those who are registered

All our festivals are homey with handmade items, no fancy or expensive items, please

On all Sunday mornings not listed here, there will be service in the sanctuary from 9-10 am

Healing services are held on the second Friday evening, 7-8 pm


Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and mind-altering drugs are not allowed on the property.

All meals are vegetarian with gluten-free options (but not vegan)


Workshops or weddings can be scheduled between the following events


*Celtic Heaven School, Birch Moon, the Divine Child: week-end closest to New Year


Imbolc: evening ceremony, opening the cosmic Girl, Feb. 4th, 6-7pm

*Celtic Heaven School, Rowan Moon, Divine Father: week-end closest to Imbolc


Feb. 14th: Chocolate Fest and Cèilidh or Scottish Country Dance, 3-6pm, bring your favorite chocolate dessert and recipes to sell or swap, prizes given!


Feb. 28th: *Celtic Heaven School, Ash Moon, the Girl: week-end closest to end of Feb.


March 21st: Vernal Equinox, opening the cosmic Boy, morning ceremony, 9-10 am

*Celtic Heaven School, the Alder Moon, the Boy: week-end closest to Vernal Equinox


*Celtic Heaven School-the Mother, the Willow Moon: week-end closest to Easter


Bealtaine: May 4th evening ceremony and bonfire, opening the cosmic Virgin Girl, 6-8 pm

*Celtic Heaven School, the Virgin Goddess: week-end closest to Bealtaine


Early June: *Celtic Heaven School-the Oak Moon, God, the Beloved: first week-end in June


June 7th: Oak Moon Rose and Fairy festival; bring your best flowers, flower essences, perfumes, essential oils, or homemade cosmetics and soaps, wings, hair garlands, and gossamer clothing to sell or swap. Fairy wear welcome!


Midsummer, June 21st: morning ceremony, opening the cosmic Virgin Boy, union of Virgin hearts, 9-10 am

*Celtic Heaven School, Holly Moon, the Virgin God: week-end closest to Midsummer


Lughnasa: Aug. 4th evening ceremony, opening the cosmic Mother, 7-8 pm

*Celtic Heaven School, The Goddess, the Apple Moon: week-end closest to Lughnasa


Closed from Aug 10st to September 15th


Autumnal Equinox, September 21st, morning ceremony, opening the cosmic Father, 9-10 am


September 27th, Craft Faire-Crafts, Recyclables, ceremonial or fairy wear, Baked goods, and Celtic things-bring only gently used items or new handmade ones to sell or swap, 1-4pm Wear wings!


Samhein 1, Nov. 4th, evening ceremony, opening the cosmic Grandmother, 5-6 pm


Samhein 2, November 28th, Pot luck of thankfulness to the Goddess for the living of the year, bring a small gratitude gift or promise to be fulfilled for the earth. Those who have passed to the Otherworld during the last yearly cycle will be remembered


Midwinter, Dec. 21st, dawn meditation, implantation of light seeds for coming year, opening the cosmic Grandfather, 8-9am


Christmas 24th: Christmas High Tea and Carol sing, 3-6 pm


Christmas dawn meditation: birth of yearly divine child within, 8-9am