About Jill


Education: I have an M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University, 1978; certification from The Jaffe School of Energy Mastery (an 18 month program teaching energy anatomy and energetic healing through the use of light, movement, and sound), 1997; Physiology and Anatomy, Oakland University, 1997; and post-graduate certification in Toddler and Infant Mental Health from the University of Michigan, 2002. Certified in Organic Gardening, Oregon State University, 2010.

Experience: I was a therapist in private practice from 1976 through 1999 and began using light healing exclusively in 1997. In 1997, I also did a radio show called, “The Cycle of Darkness is Over.” From 1999 to the present I’ve been leading workshops, doing conference presentations, and writing books on light healing, personal transformation, and Celtic spirituality. From 2004 through 2006 I was a member of the Sirius Community, an ecovillage in Shutesbury, MA, USA. I am the mother of three grown daughters and live in New England with my Shetland Sheepdog, Cridhe (cree, means heart in Gaelic).

Guardians of the Celtic Way, Inner Traditions, 2003. Moons and trees of the druid year, rays and the stone kingdom, the druid path of experience and transformation, the bird kingdom, the Arthurian fulfillment, community, and the Chivalric Code of the Celtic Realm of Heaven.

Publications as Jill Frew, Ph.D.: Alba Reborn, Book One, Dogear Publishers, 2011. This book is now outdated, Alba Reborn, Book One Revised is the updated version of the same book, the path of transformation as lived by a Celtic couple in 1st C. Alba. Book One includes the childhood and adolescence of Soillse and Fìrinn in their tribes on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, with druid lessons on the nine light structures of the Diamond Core or the nine cosmic chakras, with the cycles and aspects of cosmic life each light structure regulates, regents of the Celtic pantheon and their directives, simple energy healing method, and stages on the Celtic path of transformation.

Alba Reborn, Celtic Heaven Trilogy, Book One Revised; Createspace, 2015, identical to Alba Reborn edition but updated with new Stillpoint Center light structure, 16 planes of light, with regents and directives, and references to five new light structures to follow in Book Two.

Alba Reborn, Celtic Heaven Trilogy, Book Two, Createspace, 2016; includes the young adulthood of Soillse and Fìrinn, his slavery in Africa and her isolation in the forest near her tribe, both facing ongoing fears of their ascension climb, with their final reunion into true love, the remaining five light structures of the Diamond Core, plus the sacred geometry of nemetons.

Alba Reborn, Celtic Heaven Trilogy, Book Three, Createspace, 2017; includes the adulthood of Fìrinn and Soillse, he as high king of Skye and she as a priestess and healer, their world service and true love years.

Light Healing for Children, Createspace, 2018, two simple healing methods children can use to heal everyday hurts, the twelve regents of the Creator Sun, their ray colors,  matching crystals, and uses in healing. For children 5 and older.

A Druid Guidebook, Createspace, 2018, basic guide to a druid path. Includes: festivals and moons of the druid year, sacred Ogham alphabet and name magic, journeying into the Otherworld, connecting with the plant, animal, and spirit worlds. tree lore, stages on the path of enlightenment, qualities of a druid.


May all hearts open fully to love! :)